Spielbrick Films is a very small group of nerds / geeks who make stop-motion fan films. In fact, we’re so small that there are only two core people. Philip is the writer / director of the team and Rebecca the producer. Together, we do the animations.

Our first project, Doctor Who – The Invincible Knight, is currently in production. If we’re not totally exhausted when that’s finished, we might do more fan ‘films’… Perhaps another episode of Doctor Who? Or an adventure with Lara Croft, picking up from a fan film we did way back in 2001… Or James Bond… Or… Let’s just say we’ll probably never run out of ideas.

To be perfectly clear: Spielbrick Films is not an existing company or anything. It’s just a fancy name we call ourselves. We are fans, making animations. We don’t ask or get any money for this (in fact, it costs us quite a bit). Our projects are not endorsed by the owners of any of the intellectual property we’re messing around with. (Though we do hope they might stumble upon our films one day and smile.)

Twitter: @spielbrickfilms


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