An assembled ensemble

While we’re at it – here’s a still from yesterday’s video, showing most of the ‘cast’:

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It’s the TARDIS

A quick test of that borrowed blue box materialising:

We’re happy about the visual effects. The sound effect however could be better. On to the next test!

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Enter: The Doctor

There he is, the ultimate hero in time and space! Just a quick, somewhat dark and blurry snapshot of the good Doctor. Not directly taken from our upcoming “fanimation” The Invincible Knight, but this is how he’ll look in the episode.

The sonic screwdriver is from Character Building. The figure is an assembly of Lego parts. We’ve chosen to make the human characters with Lego. Even though CB have made fabulous Doctor Who figs, the variation of figure parts is quite limited compared to Lego. Which is not practical when it comes to creating our supporting human cast… Still, we take our hats off to CB and will gladly use their unique, brilliant Doctor Who related elements.

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And… action!

Wow. Right. Yeah. Hello!

It’s very exciting to be starting on this journey. A journey that I’ve been wanting to undertake for years. Ever since 2007 in fact, when a toy re-entered my life and a tv series came into it for the first time. The toy was Lego. The tv series Doctor Who.

As a boy, I’d been a Lego enthusiast. But when my voice dropped, so did my interest in Lego. Obviously, girls were much more fascinating. Although I never quite got over that fascination, somehow, at 19, there was room in my heart again for the Danish construction toy. In a local toy store, I spotted a tiny little set. It contained two medieval guards and a skeleton warrior on a skeleton horse. Since I’m a total film nut, this particular set caught my fancy. Big time. The set reminded me of legendary animator Ray Harryhausen‘s skeleton warriors from Jason and the Argonauts. I couldn’t resist – this time, Lego was here to stay.

Earlier that year, an article in the tv guide grabbed my interest. It spoke of a cast member returning to the revived British series Doctor Who, 33 years after her first appearance. The repeat of the episode School Reunion on Dutch television got me hooked on Who.

Soon, I joined the ranks of many fans of the two – I got into recreating Doctor Who characters as Lego minifigures. Some of these figures turned out quite well, others hardly looked the part. But then, last year… A company called Character started producing proper, Lego-compatible Doctor Who sets. Huzzah! TARDIS doors and stickers! The sonic screwdriver! Daleks!

And here we are. Doctor Who and Lego (or construction toys in general) are about to be combined with another big passion: film. I’m about to starting filming my first stop-motion Doctor Who adventure, The Invincible Knight. But do you know what the funny thing is? Know what it took to actually get me started on this project?

A girl. A woman. My girlfriend Rebecca. She told me to get on with it. Just do it. So I’m doing it. She’ll be producing and helping with the animation process. I’ll be writing, directing and animating.

Join us. Watch this space. “Cos it is gonna be… fantastic!”

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