Enter: The Doctor

There he is, the ultimate hero in time and space! Just a quick, somewhat dark and blurry snapshot of the good Doctor. Not directly taken from our upcoming “fanimation” The Invincible Knight, but this is how he’ll look in the episode.

The sonic screwdriver is from Character Building. The figure is an assembly of Lego parts. We’ve chosen to make the human characters with Lego. Even though CB have made fabulous Doctor Who figs, the variation of figure parts is quite limited compared to Lego. Which is not practical when it comes to creating our supporting human cast… Still, we take our hats off to CB and will gladly use their unique, brilliant Doctor Who related elements.


About Spielbrick Films

We create short stop-motion (fan) films. Of course, we don't make any money with this. We're just having fun!
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